Construction lending is a field where lenders must practice diligence and assess situations carefully and clearly. To perform well, construction lenders and brokers must remain detail-oriented and remain attentive.


By practicing these procedures, a construction lender ensures they will stay on top of their draws without falling behind.


Codefi can streamline the way lenders move their money. Our innovative solutions help people to minimize risk while streamlining the lending process. Our software allows lenders to keep in touch with contractors, providing them with a place to send draw requests, schedule, and more.


Lenders can personalize the software’s user interface to meet their needs best, which helps establish branding and create a unified company image.

Benefits to Codefi

Codefi allows inspectors, contractors, lenders, and developers to get the results they need as soon as possible. Our software functions as a contractor portal and draws management software, allowing lenders to inspect project progress while staying connected with the contractors.

Our software has many benefits for construction lenders, including:
  • Fast draw turnaround time
  • The effective draw management process
  • An effective platform
  • Tools for contractor and developer success
  • Resources for inspectors and lenders
  • Customizable branding and interface
  • Risk mitigation
  • And more


Codefi helps lenders reduce risk, allowing them to take on more clients and continue to do business. We understand that it can seem challenging to juggle a lot of clients. Codefi wants to make things easier for our clients, so we have created our software to simplify the process.


We’ve been in the construction and lending industries for decades, which has helped our expertise and attention to detail grow over time. We work closely within our industry to continually innovate and grow our software.


With our team, lenders can reduce their risk and increase their efficiency. Our software has a basis in our team’s attention to detail and involvement in the industry, giving lenders peace of mind when looking for loan management software.

Why Is Risk Mitigation So Important?

Reducing risk is a must in the world of construction lending. With so many factors at play in the average construction loan, a lender should seek to reduce risk as much as possible to secure their return on investment.


Construction lending is a challenging industry, with some lenders failing to receive their return on investment at all.


For this reason, construction lenders need innovative software that works when they need it to, instead of not at all. Codefi offers all of this and more, giving people the tools they need to manage their construction contractors.

Need Results? Check Out What Our Clients Have To Say:

“Codefi’s software makes it easy for me to communicate progress and get paid sooner.”

— General Contractor, Central Florida


We understand our customers’ needs, which has helped us develop comprehensive solutions for any project’s needs.


Our software, at its core, is customer-driven. Our team values our customers greatly, leading us to constantly improve our product to meet increasing needs and demands.

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