Construction loans have become easier to oversee as the years have gone on, especially with the advent of new technologies. In previous years, people had to manually check on the status of construction loans while ensuring that team members filed all of the correct paperwork. This process led to disorganization and many issues in terms of loan payment plans.

Thankfully, technology has made it easier than ever for people to get the results they need for their construction lending process. With services such as CodeFi, brokers, inspectors, agents, and more can easily log in and utilize our simple, cloud-based interface.

With CodeFi, it is easier than ever before for teams to connect and view project progress. In addition, team members can enjoy our fastest draw process to date, giving quick turnaround time construction members need to continue work on their projects.

As members of the real estate industry ourselves, the team at CodeFi understands just how important it is for teams to have access to

Why CodeFi?

With many tools at a contractor’s disposal, CodeFi serves as an innovative way for contractors to do business. Whether a contractor wants to work on a project, monitor progress, or order an inspection, CodeFi provides them with all the tools they need to complete their work.

CodeFi makes construction lending simple- construction firms can use it right out of the box.

The platform is easy to set up and customize, giving teams opportunities to add custom branding to the user interface.

This addition gives CodeFi the brand recognition contractors need when utilizing construction lending software.

Our software makes checking in with other contractors easier, giving them various tools to streamline the draw process and manage expectations. Since CodeFi began with lenders in mind, it is efficient and lightweight, allowing lenders to get their projects done quickly.

Benefits of CodeFi

CodeFi allows inspectors, contractors, lenders, and developers to get the results they need as soon as possible. Our software functions as a contractor portal and draws management software, allowing lenders to inspect project progress while staying connected with the contractors.

Our software has many benefits for construction lenders, including:

  • Fast draw turnaround time
  • The effective draw management process
  • An effective platform
  • Tools for contractor and developer success
  • Resources for inspectors and lenders
  • Customizable branding and interface
  • Risk mitigation
  • And more

CodeFi helps lenders reduce risk, allowing them to take on more clients and continue to do business. We understand that it can seem challenging to juggle a lot of clients. CodeFi wants to make things easier for our clients, so we have created our software to simplify the process.

We’ve been in the construction and lending industries for decades, which has helped our expertise and attention to detail grow over time. We work closely within our industry to continually innovate and grow our software.

With our team, lenders can reduce their risk and increase their efficiency. Our software has a basis in our team’s attention to detail and involvement in the industry, giving lenders peace of mind when looking for loan management software.

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