Built by Inspectors for Construction Inspection

A construction inspection is no longer limited to the comfort of your office. With CodeFi’s construction inspector module and connected mobile app, you can provide standardized same-day reporting from anywhere in America!

Building Construction

An Inspector’s Design

When it comes to the success of a construction project, inspectors play an important role. That is why CodeFi partnered up with actual draw inspection modules and created our mobile app that includes all sorts of features for these professionals to make their jobs easier.

Benefits of Using CodeFi

CodeFi is the only software solution in the space that has surpassed all economic developments our country has encountered in the past years.

Other benefits include:

  • CodeFi Solutions is one of the few platforms on the market that can assist many people on a construction site.
  • CodeFi Solutions includes contractors, developers, inspectors, and others in the process.
  • Provides a secure portal for you to save data, order inspections, and start the drafting process. This strategy gives all team members the access to participate. 
  • CodeFi Solutions’ cloud-based technology enables teams to collaborate in previously unimaginable ways.
  • Construction teams can use CodeFi Solutions’ different services, which allow them to concentrate on their work while CodeFi Solutions handles the drawing process.

When it comes to construction lending, CodeFi is the market leader because of the domain and technical experience that we bring to the relationships.

Building Construction
Building Construction

Integrated Inspector Experience

With our construction inspection modules, you can do the following on one centric platform:

  • Receive
  • Complete
  • Submit

This gives inspectors ease of mind as everything is done in one place without any hassle. CodeFi created this application with inspectors in mind. We ensured that you could complete field inspections in real-time on our simple mobile app.

Evolving Technology

Technology has always played an essential role in CodeFi Solutions’ DNA. As the construction industry continues to evolve, we are excited about how technology can help make life easier for lenders and borrowers alike by providing them with all the options that take care of their needs.

CodeFi Solutions is making life easier for construction teams across the country using cutting-edge technology. The company has created a more efficient and smoother financing process that saves time in both receiving loans and closing deals.

Building Construction
Building Construction

Artificial Intelligence

Our automated system offers futuristic artificial intelligence that works on how things happen and where they occur. This allows you to keep up with your project and know exactly what is happening. 

Turnaround Time

With CodeFi, there is no need to keep putting in the same information, again and again, to help our system stay updated. We analyze all of the data that has been captured over the two and half decades. Our system builds roles and algorithms. 

Building Construction
Building Construction


With our automated system, you can customize any questions or documents you want to process or request. Furthermore, you can exchange this information with all your parties in a secure environment.


When you join our inspector network, you will gain access to lenders across the nation. Everything you need is on one automated system designed to make everything as smooth as possible for you. 

Building Construction
Building Construction

Inspection Network

With CodeFi Solutions, you can receive an inspection from anywhere in the country and complete it on our centralized platform. Get your construction site inspected quickly with our intuitive app.


CodeFi has revolutionized the way we do business by making it easier than ever for everyone involved in a construction project to get things done efficiently. The cloud-based platform allows you or your licensed professionals to complete access and control all aspects related to mortgage loans and inspections.

This applies to periods before construction, during, and post-construction. The same goes for billing statements sent out after jobs are completed, making it stress-free ensuring you are not missing deadlines.

Building Construction

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When it comes to construction projects, there are always some surprises. With CodeFi Solutions’ cloud-based platform for inspectors and contractors alike, you can rest assured that your project will run smoothly from the start through finish.

Contact us via our webpage or give us a call at (877) 868-9009 for more information.

“As an inspector I am constantly thrust into learning new platforms by the lenders I service. Codefi’s inspection app feels like it was built for me.”
— Draw Inspector

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