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CodeFi is the pioneer of construction lending. We are the leaders because of the domain and technical experience we bring to the relationship. Codefi has met all the goals with loan contractors, more flexible than any other system. Contractor Monitoring process that won’t let you down.

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You deserve the best experience possible when working with a contractor. We know you take pride in your work, and that is why CodeFi makes sure your experience is worthy.

Our contractor monitoring system is designed to go to a bank or institution and ask about their policies and procedures. We then tailor the system to their circumstances. This makes no need to rewrite codes; we have every code and arrange it the way they want. This removes the need to rewrite codes because we have every code and just arrange them the way an institution wants.

You will not go wrong with CodeFi.

One of a Kind Draw Process

CodeFi wants to make sure that a builder’s opinion is heard regarding any action being taken on a project. 

Our monitoring portal makes sure that you are in charge for:

  • Submitting draws
  • Viewing project information
  • Requests inspections
  • Communicating with your lender

This portal is customized to make the process as stress-free as possible for you. We know how vital it is to make sure no time is wasted during a project because of unexpected surprises, resulting in a system created with you in mind.

Building Construction
Building Construction

Faster Turnaround Time

One of the problems this industry faces is efficiency. One of these factors includes drawing turnaround time in which CodeFi is an industry leader.

With our system, you can:

  • Pay your subs
  • Pay yourself
  • And continue building.

When a borrower requests funding for a construction project, the faster the lender or bank gets funds processed, and the sooner the lender gets to collect interest on those funds.

CodeFi allows banks to automate this process and improve performance to have funds out as fast as possible.

Now you can start your project right away without wasting any time or money in the process. It is essential for any builder to start and finish a project during a certain period of time, CodeFi understands.

Work With Your Schedule

CodeFi has a collaborative process. With our portal, you are able to administer and manage documents, vendor engagement, and disbursement approval.

You will also have access to manage:

  • Inspection
  • Draw
  • Site visit
  • Waivers
  • And more.

This allows you to make a schedule that best fits your needs throughout the life of your project. We want to make sure you start and end your project on the right note.

Building Construction
Building Construction

Monitoring Every Step

Our automated portal allows you to see and manage all aspects of your project. We insist that you are aware of every detail that goes into your craft.

We all know that monitoring a contractor’s performance is crucial to project success. However, many companies have difficulty with this aspect because it’s difficult to assess whether or not they are being paid appropriately and on time without actually watching them work each day.

Our software takes care of everything for you, providing real-time data about their productivity and accounting for missed deadlines by showing if there were any significant issues related directly back towards them.

Build Your Vision

Through your project, making sure everything is going right is crucial. Banks waste a lot of time and effort going through many spreadsheets and data to analyze risk and their overall portfolio.

CodeFi’s automated system has over five thousand data points to allow clients to generate reports within a click of a button.

These include:

  • Workflow management
  • Dashboard and reporting tabs
  • Portfolio monitoring tabs
  • Archiving and analytics
  • Risk assessments and controls
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Audibility

We work directly with the business construction department doing the lending to make sure no time or money is being wasted.

Building Construction

“Codefi’s software makes it easy for me to communicate progress and get paid sooner.”
— general contractor, Central Florida

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The automated system CodeFi offers is a rare one. We provide solutions for any obstacle you may come across during your project. Our flexible system is the solution for all of your construction lending needs.

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