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Codefi’s construction loan administration platform connects all project stakeholders to radically simplify loan management.

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Our construction lending platform services all major loan types

What Are Residential Loans?

The term residential loan refers to a basic mortgage loan similar to that on your primary residence. It typically takes more money to get a loan on an investment property than a FHA loan on a primary residence (about 25% vs. 3% for a FHA loan on a primary residence), and your interest rate will be higher. For a residential loan, you can obtain it for a term lasting up to 30 years, just like you would for a primary residence.

Our construction loan administration platform offers a robust and user friendly experience for residential lending operations. Complete with a vendor engagement tool, our residential platform is simplified to increase draw turnaround time while providing clients the tools to effectively manage their residential portfolio.


Provide project visibility to your lending team, borrowers, and inspectors


Easily monitor construction progress & disburse funds on a single platform


Provide project visibility to your lending team, borrowers, and inspectors

What Is an SBA Loan?

The SBA (Small Business Administration) loan offers various types of financing based on the borrower’s needs. Private lenders can make SBA-guaranteed loans that are guaranteed up to 80 percent by the SBA, reducing the lender’s risk and helping the lender provide financing which may otherwise be very difficult to obtain.

Codefi’s SBA lending module is tailored toward the unique underwriting standards and regulatory requirements of the Small Business Administration.


Fund with peace of mind knowing your loan management system enforces regulatory requirements.


Streamline SBA lending with our efficient workflows.


Reduce project touches and supercharge funding.

What Exactly Is Commercial Lending?

Commercial lending is the borrowing of money by businesses to purchase equipment, real estate, or operating expenses needed to operate or expand. You can obtain short-term loans as well as long-term real estate loans with a repayment period of up to 30 years.

An instance of a commercial loan is an agreement between a business and a financial institution such as a bank for the purpose of financing the business. Specifically, it is used for funding capital expenditures and/or covering operational expenses that an organization may otherwise lack the funds to cover. In many cases, small businesses cannot access bond and equity markets for financing due to high upfront costs and regulatory hurdles. Thus, smaller businesses, like individuals, must turn to alternative lending products, including personal loans, unsecured loans, and term loans.

Codefi’s commercial lending module addresses all aspects of commercial loan administration including schedules, waivers, change orders, budgets, distributions, insurances, third parties, etc.


Know what is happening on your project.

Risk Management

Let our virtual intelligence core alert you to potential risks.


Monitor your project health with key performance indicators tailored to your portfolio.

What Are Development Loans?

Development loans represent a range of loans used to develop real estate. These include construction loans, as well as loans for excavation work, infrastructure projects, such as storm sewers and roads, and holding costs until the property is able to be sold or is able to support fully amortizing permanent financing. Unlike construction loans, which are for building improvements only.

Codefi’s platform offers modules for a variety of complex development loans including builder lines, guidance facilities, revolving lines, waterfall, and participatory loans.


Enforce underwritten guidance on your entire line of credit from a single screen.


Let our platform automate your stop-loss provisions and collateral management.


Simplify complex lines of credit to increase project liquidity.

Codefi’s Acquisition & Development modules give lenders control over every aspect of the loan. From automation of loan rules to precise tracking of lot release, our platform offers real-time insight on the project metrics that matter.


Establish loan guidance specific to your underwriting standards.

Risk Identification

Let our virtual intelligence core identify risks before you fund.


Monitor your loan performance, add lots, track progress.

Partner Lenders

“Our contacts wrapped their arms around our Bank and learned exactly how our loans worked to ensure the product they were providing met our needs!”
— real estate construction disbursement officer

Building Construction

Draw Management

Efficient draw management is easy with codefi. With draw requests, inspections, reporting, and funding all done on a single platform our lenders process draws 80% faster. This increases administration resources and betters loan performance.

Risk Management

Fund with peace of mind. Codefi’s collateral management tool, aided by our virtual intelligence core, alerts loan administrators to potential project risks before they become a problem. Our CLAS appliance is tailored to your specific compliance standards.

Building Construction
Building Construction

Vendor Management

Collaboration is at the heart of Codefi’s construction loan administration platform. We connect lenders to their inspectors, title agents, and other project stakeholders directly through our platform eliminating miscommunication and elevating transparency.

Portfolio Reporting

Our virtual intelligence core logs every data point, transaction, and user action captured on our platform allowing our data scientists to create truly insightful reports. From contractor performance to predictive funding recommendations, data is in everything we do.

Building Construction