CodeFi solutions provide technology to financial institutions to meet the new demands of construction loan servicing that maximize profitability. We work with banks and construction lending financiers.

We offer residential, commercial, and builder loans. If you want to get funded fast, do not look any further than CodeFi solutions.

Building Construction

A Draw Process You Need

CodeFi speeds up the construction loan draw process by giving loan borrowers control. It is essential that you understand the process and how it works. This is your project, and you must have complete control of all aspects of it. 

The process goes as follows:

  • Submit draws
  • View project information
  • Request inspection
  • Communicate with your lender on our borrower portal designed to fit your needs

With our draw process, institutions don’t waste time or lose out on money. A process that usually takes days to fund will be funded as soon as 24 hours. This allows the borrower to start on a project as soon as possible while also giving institutions the benefit of earning interest faster, resulting in more money.

This is the evolution of lending and your solution. Contact us today to learn more. 

Time Is Money

Our system is designed to meet the policies and procedures of banks and tailor the system to their circumstances. There is no need to rewrite codes because we have them all; we simply arrange them the way the institution wants. 

This saves institutions money for the following reasons:

  • Go live quicker
  • Less of a learning curve
  • Adopt to the institution’s procedures
  • Provide efficiency
  • Helps turn around process

When the borrower asks for funding for a construction project, the faster the bank gets funds processed, and the sooner the lender starts to earn interest on these funds. This allows funding to be processed the following day instead of waiting for days.

Building Construction
Building Construction

Own The Inspection Process

CodeFi wants to make sure you are involved in every step of your inspection process with the click of a button. You can monitor all of the information in real-time. This allows you to keep track of everything going on, and rest assured that you stay in the loop.

CodeFi is a market leader because of the domain and technical experience we bring to the relationships between the borrower and lender. You must be aware of every action being taken.

CodeFi Software

CodeFi software features are rich and contain modules designed to manage the whole lending process from the beginning till the end. Over 100 billion worth of construction activity runs throughout the software. For every 16 projects, one is coming through CodeFi’s software.

We are the only software solution in the construction lending space that has lasted through all of the economic developments over the past couple of years.

We can analyze all of the data that has been captured over the last two and half decades, including systems, build roles, and algorithms. This shows how powerful our system is, and we are sure that you will not find anything like it.

Building Construction

“The platform makes it so easy to order a draw and check in with my lender. Not to mention codefi’s support team is always so friendly.”
— single family residential borrower