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One Platform. Every Vertical.


An expertly digitized administration department eliminates many of the common headaches associated with construction project solutions and lending.

Our draw management software specializes in…

  • Comprehensive project & portfolio level reporting
  • Interactive user interface with easy dashboard management of key construction loan administration software functions.
  • Comprehensive third party management and demonstrable protection of data security.
  • Automated stop-loss provisions tailored to underwritten guidance
  • Enhancing triple bottom line initiatives with our paperless lending platform.
  • Full-fledged auditing across lending divisions.
  • Robust budget tracking of change orders, budget transfers, disbursements, etc.
  • Insurance compliance tracking
  • Maintenance of waiver records.
  • Draw management through our pay application module.


CodeFi’s loan monitoring software and development lending processes can be streamlined for all types of industries. Our system is configured to address the management of facility improvements and all aspects of construction for:

  • Large variable collateral based projects with our Revolving Line and Borrowing Base tool.
  • Site-based initiatives for standalone projects or large developments using our A & D Lending module.
  • Medical facilities through leverage of our Healthcare Construction Management tools.
  • Municipal improvement projects with CodeFi Solutions Town Hall application.

CodeFi also offers SBA Lending software for construction projects of all sizes. This sometimes difficult loan niche is simplified with our workflow and rules-based system configuration.


Our cloud based platform is perfect for boutique, niche, or multi-faceted lenders that rely on strict underwriting standards to achieve maximum loan performance. We start with our industry leading construction lending platform and customize the workflows, reports, data tables, etc. to ensure our solution moves in lock-step with your institution. Presidium Solutions is the best construction loan administration software management tool available thanks to its industry focused features such as:

  • Custom platform branding
  • Client driven naming conventions and custom alerts
  • Institution centered data fields and reporting
  • FI specific financial data
  • Customized checklists and digitized polices
  • Seamless integration capability
  • Ad hoc reporting with automated delivery systems
  • Comprehensive construction document management

Our platform is the most cutting edge loan management software on the market. If you are seeking to maximize your lending division’s returns our platform offers you the chance to simplify your workflow while increasing your efficiency.


A central feature of our product is the integrated construction risk management intelligence underpinning our lending platform. Historically, the evaluated risk in construction lending serves to boost profits of risk forward institutions and plague lenders less equipped to management construction risks.

These risks are manifold and sound underwriting practices only get an institution halfway to achieving effective risk mitigation. Increasingly, institutions are placing a premium on comprehensive loan administration departments to guide project success.

Whether it is a project specific risk or an emerging industry wide risk, our solution empowers lenders to proactively mitigate risks before they cause a loss. The risk mitigation tools native to our platform have saved our clients millions in costly litigation and discovery by identifying risks while there is still time to find project success.


After decades in the construction lending industry, we understand the importance of a robust construction loan administration software better than anyone. There are few lending products that require more hands-on management and carry greater risk than a construction loan. The last thing a lender needs is a software system that makes this kind of lending more complex.

The larger the portfolio the greater is the need for oversight. Construction lending is key to the plumbing of nearly 5% U.S. annual GDP with behemoth lenders underwriting billions in building activity. With such large scale books comprised of hundreds of loans of different sizes, you need a software solution to optimize your efforts toward loans that need your expertise.

CodeFi routinely engages with some of banking’s biggest names, 1000’s of lending professionals, and currently facilitates over 80 billion in construction financing on a monthly basis. Offering clients of all shapes and sizes increased efficiency, liquidity, and visibility in their construction portfolio. Our comprehensive solution’s ultra user friendly interface was designed by construction lending professionals to solve their own problems. They get it, they understand what it takes to effectively manage a construction portfolio.


This is why CodeFi Solutions offers construction lender technology to prevent these scenarios. Presidium Enterprise if our top of the line construction lender technology software that we offer. These ensure that the lender is always aware of where their money is going, who is using it, and what it is being used for. Spend less time micromanaging and more time accomplishing tasks. This will save your bottom line in the end.

How does CodeFi software accomplish this? Through a simple process that keeps every step accountable.

  • Lender
  • Title Company
  • Borrower
  • Builder
  • Inspector

These are the main pieces in any construction project. Whether it’s a residential project or commercial. All these pieces play an important role of some kind and all of them need funds. With CodeFi Solutions, you can ensure that you aren’t overspending.


With Presidium what we are able to give you is a software that you can open up and quickly see where everyone is in the process. From the initial money loan to how it’s being divvied up. This means you get an overview of the entire process.

As the lender, you should never have much reason to speak to the inspector, but there are scenarios where what the inspector finds could lead directly back to you and require more money. For example:

Money was lent out one year ago. The construction project was nearing completion, but the inspector found that a section of material the builders chose to use was not up to code. This is going to cause a significant delay in the project and will now need more money.

From this point, the builders have two options. Request more money or see if any money was left aside for an emergency. Without Presidium, the construction company is going to need to call the lender who will then call the title company who will then call you to see how much money was lent out. You relay that information back and it has to back down the chain. That material mistake is going to cost a month of time by simply just seeing how much money is left.


CodeFi offers consulting services across all real estate verticals and is relied upon by key stakeholders for our expertise in construction lending, portfolio structure, technology integration, etc. Our consulting clients enjoy facetime with some of the industry’s top professionals who have developed industry best practices through years of experience in the space. Our consultants leverage their knowledge base to increase value for our clients large and small, our team will work with you to implement solutions, technology or otherwise, that lead to smarter business outcomes. CodeFi consultants are relied upon thanks to our industry insider expertise such as:

  • Third Party Risk Assessments
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Cost Estimating
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • General Contracting
  • Subcontracting
  • Due Diligence
  • Hosted Manage Service
  • Digital Engagements
  • eAdoption Strategies
  • Data Transformation​
  • ePresentment & Print Solutions
  • ePayment
  • Mobile Services