Do Not Let Risk Stand In The Way Of Success For Your Project

Risk Mitigation

A central feature of our product is the integrated construction risk management intelligence underpinning our lending platform. Historically, the evaluated risk in construction lending serves to boost profits of risk forward institutions and plague lenders less equipped to management construction risks.

These risks are manifold and sound underwriting practices only get an institution halfway to achieving effective risk mitigation. Increasingly, institutions are placing a premium on comprehensive loan administration departments to guide project success.

Whether it is a project specific risk or an emerging industry wide risk, our solution empowers lenders to proactively mitigate risks before they cause a loss. The risk mitigation tools native to our platform have saved our clients millions in costly litigation and discovery by identifying risks while there is still time to find project success.

About CodeFi

As a leader in construction lending solutions, CodeFi’s Presidium Solutions is capable of servicing loans across all real estate verticals. We reduce risk, maximize income, and get the results you are looking for.

Our administration software is made with your industry in mind to help your team set objectives, reach goals, and improving capital allocation. In this multi-billion dollar industry, it is important to stay organized to get ahead. Our software will help you achieve these goals.

As the industry leader in construction lending tech, our teammates have seen it all. Whether it’s a distressed asset or syndicated deal our team is equipped to leverage our domain expertise in optimizing a solution that works for you. Our consulting division will work with you to ensure we are providing your team the full breadth of technical and performance innovation offered by CodeFi Solutions.

Our mission is to connect the real estate development industry like never before on a single secure platform.

How Do We Plan To Do This?

Our mission starts by offering our partner lenders the best possible product to maximize there underwriting profits. Our platform, Presidium, is the market leader in construction risk management and lending solutions and continues to help our clients expand operations and increase profits by improving workflows, reducing human capital expense, and automating the arduous. All the while minimizing risk.

Automation of Arduous Tasks

Think of the amount of time in your workday is spent doing the mundane. Repetitive tasks, checking details, and running numbers that you have ran hundreds of times before. Tasks that, if they were removed from your day entirely, would open you up to do so much more work. You would be free to leverage your human capital to do the job you were actually hired to do. Sound nice? Join the already thousands of lenders for which this is a reality.

Our solution takes those arduous and frustrating daily tasks and automates them. Through automation, you are free to focus on other tasks without worrying about the risks and errors that could potentially affect the loan.

Not only does Presidium improve efficiency through task automation, but with your team now able to focus on issues only, you can begin to manage by exception.

Centralized Information

How many times has missing or misplaced document resulted in emails and hours searching for a key piece of information needed to fund? For most this is a common occurrence bought by the difficulty in tracking the various moving parts of a single construction loan, let alone an entire portfolio

With Presidium Solutions, all that information is centralized in one place. You won’t have to search for it, because you already know where it is. Our robust document warehouse allows for storage of all project documents within the project itself.

Keeping information in a centralized location will not only improve efficiency, but will also reduce project risk by eliminating much of the information asymmetry effecting funding decisions. With Presidium, information is centralized for efficient knowledge based action. Empower your administration departments to make data driven decisions leveraging our platform.

CodeFi Reduces Risk

With $85 Billion in monthly lending activity securely processed through our platform CodeFi has proven its loan administration software is not only valuable to your daily workflow, but essential to it. You will not find this level of risk mitigation anywhere else.


“The business and technical team members that they bring to the partnership have proven that CodeFi not only understands the technical side of software applications but their industry understanding of real estate lending and loan operations helped to reduce our implementation costs and ensured we met our goals and deadlines.``


“Our contacts wrapped their arms around our Bank and learned exactly how our loans worked to ensure the product they were providing met our needs!”


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