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Our Product Speaks
For Itself

View case studies on how Codefi is radically simplifying construction lending and real estate development.

We Love What Our Clients Have To Say!

“Our contacts wrapped their arms around our Bank and learned exactly how our loans worked to ensure the product they were providing met our needs!”
— Real Estate Construction Disbursement Officer

“The business and technical team members that they bring to the partnership have proven that codefi not only understands the technical side of software applications but their industry understanding of real estate lending and loan operations helped to reduce our implementation costs and ensured we met our goals and deadlines”
— Group Vice President

“As an inspector I am constantly thrust into learning new platforms by the lenders I service. Codefi’s inspection app feels like it was built for me.”
— Draw Inspector

“My favorite part about codefi is its reporting capabilities. I check the system daily to know whats happening with my investments.”
— Reit Manager

“The platform makes it so easy to order a draw and check in with my lender. Not to mention codefi’s support team is always so friendly.”
— Single Family Residential Borrower

“codefi’s software makes it easy for me to communicate progress and get paid sooner.”
— General Contractor, Central Florida

Keeping Up With Codefi

Created with Inspectors in Mind

Created with Inspectors in Mind

Inspectors are essential to the success of any construction project. We understand this at...

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Why Attention to Detail is Important in Construction Lending

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Revolution for Construction Lending

Revolution for Construction Lending

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CodeFi: Innovation in the Construction Lending Industry

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Construction Loan Management Tools with CodeFi's Lending Platform

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Need Help With Construction Lending?

 We Have a Solution For You. Construction lending is a very fast-moving field. With...

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Volatility Returns to Housing, are Lenders Prepared?

Volatility Returns to Housing, are Lenders Prepared?

Great Article in journal highlighting the return of uncertainty in housing. What steps is...

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Sources and Uses: Construction Budget Management

Sources and Uses: Construction Budget Management

Arguably the most important element of managing a construction loan budget is properly allocating...

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