Manage your ENTIRE loan cycle within one platform.


P360 solutions is our out-of-the-box construction lending software that delivers an immediate draw management solution to its users. Each institution is granted secure access to their unique project domain with a variety of standardized security profiles. P360 solutions subscribers receive these standard features:

  • Comprehensive construction loan reporting of both projects and the entire institution’s portfolio.
  • Interactive user dashboard to notify the team members of important key elements of the loan.
  • Comprehensive third party management and demonstrable protection of data security.
  • True maintenance of a green environment through this truly paperless loan software.
  • Ability to maintain an audit trail of activity.
  • Automated budget screens which track change orders, budget transfers, distributions, and multiple schedules of value.
  • Tracking of insurance documents.
  • Maintenance of waiver records.
  • Draw management through the use of our pay application module.

The P360 construction lending software solution delivers a comprehensive tool that manages your construction and development portfolio while demonstrating accurate information management to meet regulatory compliance standards.

Who Is PRESIDIUM 360 Made For

Presidium 360 solutions is the ideal platform for lenders in need of a lending solution with immediate out of the box ROI and plug & play functionality. We get it, software initiatives can be a nightmare to get through procurement and management. That is why our P360 offering is preconfigured to industry standards and capable of same-day approval and integration. P360 is the perfect choice for small to medium size lenders looking to save a few hours a week while increasing loan performance.

When you subscribe to P360 solutions you get a single platform to manage your entire portfolio. There is no longer a need to chase down documents or interface with borrowers at every step in the process. Everything you need is right in front of you; allowing you to save time, money, and human capital while expanding operations and reducing risk.

Time Management

We all get the same 168 hours in a week. How do you want to spend yours? Chances are your answer is not hawking down a lien waiver from a leeway subcontractor. With Presidium, you are empowered to reclaim your valued time and energy. After all, you are a financier, not a facilitator.

That time is money is a long-established tenant of capitalism. This tenant perhaps rings most true in construction lending where loan profitability is tied directly to disbursement turnover. At CodeFi, we increase liquidity by removing roadblocks to funding and providing proactive alerts to potential threats to disbursement. Our clients enjoy an increase in draw turnaround by at least an order of magnitude translating to more interest and better loan performance.

Risk Mitigation

The uncertainty of outcomes in a construction loan stems from hundreds of data points. Lucky for our clients, Presidium’s intelligence core constantly tracks thousands of data points across 85 Billion dollars in monthly transactions to identify risks and offer tools to eliminate or reduce losses.

With Presidium, you can control risk and command smarter decisions.

Our Job Does Not Stop With A Sale

The team behind CodeFi’s renowned Presidium platform is committed to serving our clients long after the ink dries on our partnership. In addition to our platform’s ability to automate your processes. Our team, comprised of former lenders and administrators, is available to advise your team on how best to tailor our platform to your policies and changing industry trends.

As a leader in construction lending solutions, CodeFi’s Presidium Solutions is capable of servicing loans across all real estate verticals. We reduce risk, maximize income, and get the results you are looking for.

Our administration software is made with your industry in mind to help your team set objectives, reach goals, and improve capital allocation. In this multi-billion dollar industry, it is important to stay organized to get ahead. Our software will help you achieve these goals.

​Coming from industry first and tech second, our teammates have seen it all. Whether it is a distressed asset or syndicated deal our team is equipped to leverage our domain expertise in optimizing a solution that works for you. Our consulting division will work with you to ensure we are providing your team the full breadth of technical and performance innovation offered by CodeFi Solutions.

Contact Us

If you are ready to give Presidium a try to help manage loans efficiently then give us a call or use our online contact page. We will provide you with details on how Presidium can help take your portfolio to new heights.

Stop letting the tangential get in the way of your project’s success. Through Presidium solutions software you will enjoy centralized information, reduced risk, automation of arduous tasks, and higher profits.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Visibility, Accountability, Compliance

P360 solutions not only reduces risks and delivers automation of processes and tasks, it also provides visibility and accountability to meet regulatory compliance around your construction draw management process.

  • Reduce Implementation Costs
  • Faster Payment Turn Around
  • Reduce Processing Time
  • Paperless – “Green Initiatives”
  • Decrease Insurance Exposure
  • Improve Project Analytics
  • Improve Workflow

Looking for more robust features to meet your unique business requirements?

CodeFi’s Presidium Enterprise delivers the proven functionality of P360, through a platform uniquely configured to an institution’s specific challenges and business realities.

``Throughout the development, customization, and implementation of the CodeFi Solutions product, Presidium, we have found the programmers and sales people at CodeFi to be responsive, efficient and knowledgeable about the concerns of our business.”

— SVP / Commercial Real Estate Operations