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We are a team of loan administrators, draw inspectors, & contractors working to better OUR industry. We know contractor management software because we’re in the industry.

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Our Story

Our team is comprised of entrepreneurs and innovators with a simple goal, radically simply construction lending. We are industry experts in construction and finance who have walked the walk in real estate development and decided to build a technology solution to meet our needs. We employ our decades of domain experience, including lessons learned as real estate professionals in the 07-08 mortgage crisis, in developing the best possible construction finance solution for our clients.

Codefi is the leader in construction lending solutions. With over $100 billion dollars in loans processed through Codefi in lending activities running through our platform, we’ve demonstrated value-add to some of the largest financial institutions in the globe. Our platform is capable of servicing loans across all real estate verticals. Whether it’s a Midtown Highrise with multiple lenders or a single-family residence in a community bank’s portfolio, our solution reduces risk, maximizes interest income, and super charges lending divisions. Complete with end user workflows, payment solutions, and market services, our solution connects all construction lending stakeholders.


Radically simplify construction lending.


A world where the only barrier to construction financing is the limit of a developer’s dream.


Culture is crucial, at codefi we value:

  • Grit
  • Honsety
  • Risk Taking
  • Trust
Building Construction