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Our Industry Solutions 

CodeFi Solutions’ state-of-the-art loan monitoring software and development lending processes have various applications in many different industries. 

We created our software with our clients in mind. We understand that firms and agencies need access to comprehensive loan management solutions that streamline the lending process. 

CodeFi’s software operates with the mission to make a comprehensive software solution for all industries. Our Presidium Enterprise and Presidium 360 software is an answer to the need for a complete out-of-the-box solution to various industry-related problems.

CodeFi Solutions’ comprehensive systems address the management of facility improvements and all aspects of construction for:
  • Large-variable collateral-based projects
  • Site-based initiatives for standalone projects
  • Large developments
  • Medical facilities
  • Municipal improvement projects

CodeFi Solutions has numerous tools for these various construction situations. 

We offer the following tools for our clients:
  • Revolving Line and Borrowing Base Tool
  • A&D Lending Module
  • Healthcare Construction Management Tools
  • Town Hall Application
  • SBA Lending Software 

We created these tools with projects of various industries in mind. These tools give our customers the best construction loan management tools to make their day-to-day workflow much more manageable. 

Here’s a brief rundown of the different types of tools we offer our clients:

Revolving Line and Borrowing Base Tool

Our loan management software makes it easier for clients to determine the borrowing base of any particular project. Setting the borrowing base can allow the firm to determine maximum credit and loan terms. These are handy tools for significant variable, collateral-based projects, as firms have easy access to the status of the project’s account. 

These tools allow a firm to make decisions that will benefit the project’s scope, as lenders can make more informed decisions. By making this information easily accessible, the lender can learn how much a borrower owes, all while tracking the project’s progress and credit.

A & D Lending Module

CodeFi Solutions makes monitoring costs associated with a project much more straightforward than traditional loan management software. Our A & D Lending Module allows lenders to see where the customer is spending their loan money. Whether project managers are spending the money on payroll, building, or paving, this module gives lenders access to the project’s credit line and general funds.

Also, the A & D Lending Module allows lenders to make changes in real-time, which can ensure that credit is not maxed out or spent on supplies not specified in the agreement. 

This software gives lenders more control over the projects they are funding by showing them the credit status established. This powerful tool makes it easier than ever to stay on top of large projects, ensuring that all borrowers are accounted for by the software.

Healthcare Construction Management Tool

This comprehensive tool allows facilities and construction management to work together seamlessly. It gives the construction manager the ability to track the loan process, as well. The construction manager can relay timing concerns to the facilities manager, planning accordingly for any costs or credit issues. 

At CodeFi Solutions, we understand that certain healthcare facilities have varying needs. In these situations, managers must communicate about the project’s progress. 

Our software allows this communication to happen, which allows both parties to understand the status of the project and the various loans involved. Active communication allows these large-scale healthcare projects to occur seamlessly, which is essential for overall completion.

Town Hall Application

For municipality improvement projects, we have created a town hall application. This tool makes it easier for project managers to find and review documents and applications. Having all of the documents in one place allows the project manager to plan and execute tasks promptly.

Paperwork is essential for any municipality improvement project. At CodeFi, we understand that having easy access to these documents is imperative to a project’s goals. Our town hall application makes keeping track of these documents easy, saving managers time and money in the process. Our town hall application allows users to save time by optimizing projects and streamlining the document retrieval process.

SBA Lending Software

CodeFi Solutions’ SBA lending software helps construction projects of all sizes. We understand that small business administration lending can be challenging to manage for lenders. There are various factors involved in this type of lending, as they tend to vary based on the project’s capital needs.

Lenders may have difficulty managing the various stages of these complex loans. Thankfully, our SBA lending software simplifies this difficult loan niche with its workflow and rules-based system configuration.

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The best way to thoroughly analyze your business is to have access to top-notch consulting services, such as the ones we offer here at CodeFi Solutions

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CodeFi has the participation loan software to keep various interested parties current with all aspects of the project.

  • Documents Management
  • Collateral Management
  • Third Party Coordination and Management
  • Budget Controls
  • Change Order Management
  • Scheduling
  • Waiver Viewer…and many others!


CodeFi Solutions delivers integrated financial technology solutions to meet the new
demands of construction loan servicing.

`` CodeFi has stepped up to the challenge and provided us a tool that will not only automate us, but also provide a plethora of reports that will be utilized at all levels of the Bank.”

— PM / Loan Administration Solutions