Construction Loan Management Systems 


Planning a construction project can be tedious work. There are many different costs associated with construction, all of which a lender must carefully document for a project to go smoothly. 

When construction workers are on the job, they may not have time to document finances or analyze loans. This fact is why many construction companies prefer a construction loan management system, where all of their billing, invoices, and documents are stored. 

A construction loan management system is also effective for a lender. Many lenders are juggling various clients, so an integrated software solution can make it easier to keep budgets, bills, and invoices in balance. 

Construction Loan Management Systems have many benefits, including: 
  • Efficiency for firms and teams
  • Paperless billing and invoicing
  • Practical solutions for project concerns
  • Easy-to-navigate interfaces
  • Organized statements

Who Can Use Construction Loan Management Systems?

All types of construction projects can benefit from a dedicated loan management software. Whether a client is building a bridge, apartment building, or residence, loan management software can drastically improve the process. 

Construction loan management software makes organizing a project easy. It allows construction teams to have access to billing statements, loan information, and other invoices. This organization makes construction loan software highly effective for groups of all shapes and sizes.

CodeFi Solutions recommends our loan management software for the following construction projects:
  • Commercial 
  • Institutional
  • Residential
  • Industrial
  • Engineering

It is highly beneficial to have effective construction loan management software for any project. Construction loan management software can help keep track of expenses, all while providing results to clients. 

Banks and loan agencies can benefit from utilizing a construction loan management system to effectively bill and invoice construction teams. 

Construction loan management software streamlines collecting invoices from customers, providing loan agencies with a way to manage their clients effectively.

Our Comprehensive Construction Loan Management Software

At CodeFi Solutions, we offer conclusive construction management software designed to meet the needs of teams of any size. 

Construction lenders and loan agencies can immediately use our construction management software. Whether a firm is lending to a big or small project, we can provide dedicated construction loan management software. Our software makes it easier for construction loan agencies to operate, providing them with the tools they need to work more efficiently. 

We offer two essential software solutions for construction loan management:

Presidium 360 Solutions

Presidium 360 Solutions is best for lenders looking for a Return on Investment (ROI) that comes ready out of the box. 

Our software is preconfigured to industry standards, making it possible to implement it on the same day it is purchased. It works best for small or medium-sized lenders who are looking to increase performance and save some time in the process.

Presidium Enterprise

Presidium Enterprise benefits the larger lender. It has all the features of Presidium 360 Solutions and then some. It increases loan efficiency, allowing clients access to comprehensive construction document management, automatic invoice delivery, and more. 

This software is an excellent ROI for larger firms looking to balance numerous clients effectively. 

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