Inspectors are essential to the success of any construction project. We understand this at CodeFi Solutions, which is why we developed our construction inspection modules and mobile app by collaborating with real-world inspectors.


Inspectors have been forced to use pen and paper or outdated software to complete their inspections in the past. This process is slow, cumbersome, and often leads to errors. However, with CodeFi Solutions’s construction inspection modules, inspectors can quickly and easily complete their inspections using a tablet or smartphone.


We believe that technology should make life easier. The CodeFi Solutions platform also makes it easy for developers and contractors. Borrowers can also use our mobile app to view project details and more.


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Since our inception, CodeFi Solutions has been working hard to offer a solution for construction lenders. We wanted to create an app that met the demands of our clients while also providing subcontractors and contractors with the resources they required to finish projects.


Thanks to years of development and involvement with our clients, we’ve helped deliver CodeFi Solutions to even more clients than before. CodeFi Solutions now proudly serves lenders, developers, contractors, borrowers, and more on our cloud-based platform.


We understand the importance of all project components communicating; therefore, we’ve created cutting-edge solutions that boost transparency while minimizing risk. Because we are lenders ourselves, we appreciate the importance of clear communication between all stakeholders involved in a project.


The Benefits of CodeFi Solutions

CodeFi Solutions is one of the few platforms on the market that can assist many people on a construction site. While many systems focus primarily on lenders and borrowers, CodeFi Solutions includes contractors, developers, inspectors, and others in the process. By providing a secure portal for them to save data, order inspections, and start the drafting process, this strategy allows all construction team members to participate.


CodeFi Solutions’s cloud-based technology enables teams to collaborate in previously unimaginable ways. Construction teams can use CodeFi Solutions’s different services, which allow them to concentrate on their work while CodeFi Solutions handles the drawing process.


How to Utilize CodeFi Solutions for Inspections

CodeFi Solutions is a centralized platform for receiving, completing, and submitting construction inspections. The app gives you the flexibility of getting an inspection from anywhere. Our intuitive smartphone app allows you to do field inspections in real-time. You can receive access to lenders all around the country by joining our inspection network.


Inspection Network

Our inspection network is the largest in the country. We have a lender on our platform for almost every state in the US. By being part of our inspection network, you’ll receive access to these lenders.


Leveraging Technology

Technology has always been a massive part of CodeFi Solutions’s DNA. We’re excited to continue using technology to help make life easier for construction teams across the country. Our goal is to provide lenders with a one-stop shop for all their needs while streamlining the inspection process for borrowers and developers alike. Stay tuned for more updates.


CodeFi Solutions is changing how construction loans are originated and completed. Leveraging technology, CodeFi Solutions is making life easier for construction teams across the country. CodeFi Solutions is changing how construction loans are originated and completed.


Carry Out Business Efficiently

Inspections have been a time-consuming process for decades. CodeFi Solutions has created a cloud-based platform that allows all aspects of the construction loan process to be managed electronically. CodeFi Solutions is making it easier than ever for everyone involved in a construction project to get things done efficiently.


The benefits of using CodeFi Solutions:

  • Borrowers can get their loans approved more quickly
  • Lenders can carry out their business more efficiently
  • Contractors can receive payment faster
  • Developers can reduce paperwork and save time on inspections
  • Inspectors can use the CodeFi Solutions platform to streamline their process


If you’re looking for a cloud-based platform that will help your construction project run smoothly, look no further than CodeFi Solutions. Our platform has been created with inspectors in mind, and we are committed to making life easier for everyone involved in a construction project.


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Inspectors can benefit from cloud technology and secure communication. By allowing teams to interact and innovate more efficiently, a cloud-based application can help businesses mitigate these risks by allowing teams to communicate and innovate more efficiently.


Our platform has been created with inspectors in mind, and we are committed to making life easier for everyone involved in a construction project. This single communication hub may connect all project components, assisting the project going forward. Call us immediately at (877) 868-9009 to learn more.