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Construction Loan Management Software For Banks

What Are The Benefits Of A Construction Loan Management Software?

Our construction loan management software was created to allow for financial institutions to meet the new demands of construction loan servicing. We are the leading custom solution provider when it comes to construction loan management software for banks. With over 84 billion dollars of construction loans managed monthly using CodeFi’s solutions, it is clear that we understand the technical side of software as well as real estate lending and loan operations. If you’re searching for construction loan administration solutions, here are some of the benefits you would receive with our loan management software:

  • Reliability
  • Compliant
  • Customized Solutions
  • Paperless
  • Increased efficiency


When you choose CodeFi’s software solutions, you are guaranteed to have a reliable software. Our software manages billions of dollars every month. As well as handling millions of transactions monthly. All while the platform remains stable. Personnel can only handle a certain amount of transactions before becoming overwhelmed or providing the incorrect information accidentally. Other platforms cannot process as much information and once the platform is overwhelmed, you can lose your information or have the platform shut down during inopportune moments.


Our construction loan management solutions are subject to annual audits. As we manage audit trails through configuration and production, you are assured to be compliant throughout. The audits include PCI Level 1 Compliance Audits, SSAE 16 SOC1 Type II Certifications, as well as HIPAA.

Customized Solutions

CodeFi’s software allows for customize solutions. You can customize the software to reflect custom branding specific to each project. In addition, it allows you to add unique terminology based on each client’s process. You are able to add checklists for policies as well as adding fields and data points you find beneficial to track for the individual client’s needs. The software also allows you to modify calculation to reflect a specific output request.


Take part in making your institution environmentally friendly! Our construction loan management software is completely paperless. As all the information that you need is all visible through the software, it is easy to communicate and build customer relationships.​

Increase Efficiency

One of the biggest benefits you receive from CodeFi’s solutions is increased efficiency. As mentioned before, there’s only so much your personnel can manage before it becomes less than efficient. With the use of our software you won’t need to spend more money having to hire more employees to assist in the management of your growing construction loan services. Our software manages all documents while being compliant and can coordinate communication with your clients.

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As a result, the benefits of investing in our construction loan management software are clear. With CodeFi’s solutions, you are able to have reliable and compliant at all times. As our solutions currently handle billions of dollars in loans monthly, you can rest assured that you will be able to always access the software without worry about platform shutdowns. Our solutions are all paperless, and can be customized to fit your specific client’s needs. Increase efficiency by having the software manage all your loan documents and allow for effortless and transparent communication and collaboration with your clients. Ready for your loan management solution? Contact CodeFi at today for details!