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Construction Loan Management Software

About CodeFi

CodeFi Solutions is the leader in construction lending solutions. With over $85 Billion in monthly lending activities running through our platform, we have demonstrated value-add to some of the largest financial institutions around the globe. Our platform, Presidium Solutions, is capable of servicing loans across all real estate verticals. Whether it is a Midtown Highrise with multiple lenders or a single family residence in a community bank’s portfolio, our solution reduces risk, maximizes interest income, and super charges lending divisions. Our mission is to connect the real estate development industry like never before on a single secure platform. Complete with end user workflows, payment solutions, and market services, our solution connects all construction lending stakeholders.

Our team is comprised of entrepreneurs and innovators with a simple goal, control real estate development. We are industry experts in construction and finance who have walked the walk in real estate development and decided to build a technology solution to meet our needs. We employ our years of domain experience, including lessons learned as real estate professionals in the 07-08 mortgage crisis, in developing the best possible construction finance solution for our clients.

Construction Loan Administration Software

After decades in the construction lending industry, we understand the importance of a robust construction loan administration software better than anyone. There are few lending products that require more hands-on management and carry greater risk than a construction loan. The last thing a lender needs is a software system that makes this kind of lending more complex.

The larger the portfolio the greater is the need for oversight. Construction lending is key to the plumbing of nearly 5% U.S. annual GDP with behemoth lenders underwriting billions in building activity. With such large scale books comprised of hundreds of loans of different sizes, you need a software solution to optimize your efforts toward loans that need your expertise.

CodeFi routinely engages with some of banking’s biggest names, 1000’s of lending professionals, and currently facilitates over 80 billion in construction financing on a monthly basis. Offering clients of all shapes and sizes increased efficiency, liquidity, and visibility in their construction portfolio. Our comprehensive solution’s ultra user friendly interface was designed by construction lending professionals to solve their own problems. They get it, they understand what it takes to effectively manage a construction portfolio.
How does our software help you?

Imagine the inked just dried on a multi-year deal to erect a largescale building in your city’s central business district. This highly profitable loan was sought after by multiple lenders and management is thrilled you landed the deal for your institution. Leaving the table reality sets in, this is likely to be a massive lift for your team.

The sense of accomplishment is replaced with the knowledge that projects of this scale tend to be complex and often delayed by one or more unknown unknowns from ground-breaking to CO. As the foundation is poured and subcontractors begin to flow on and off the site like bees to a hive, your team begins receiving pay applications from the General Contractor to continue the steady hum of construction noise flowing. After a few months of a relatively smooth sailing, your fears resurface as the first change order arises. Upon review, you find the contractor is asking for an additional $300,000 for a charge related to the foundation. However, the foundation was previously fully funded. This change order would exhaust and exceed contingency reserves leaving the bank exposed to a project behind schedule and a borrower with questionable solvency.

​It turns out the contractor had continued to pour foundation without adequate and proper testing. As a result, the foundation had to be re-poured to avoid seepage downstream. How could this happen? Why where funds released without receipt of testing and inspection? This oversight will likely prove costly to the lender and have ramifications on profitability later in the loan cycle.

With our construction loan administration software platform, these common mistakes and oversights are eliminated. Budgets, waivers, insurance, testing, inspections, etc. tracking is automated, and funding is prevented should the system detect a deficiency in risk protocols. We empower construction lenders by providing them real time snapshots of their loans and potential issues so they can expertly correct issues before funding.

Presidium Solutions

The Presidium Solutions application by CodeFi is the leading SaaS Solution in the Construction Lending Space. As a tenured and proven application that already operates as a Key Financial Application within a Top 10 US Bank today, Presidium Solutions is the most proven and effective Construction Lending Management Application in the marketplace. With over a decade of historical data residing within Presidium, our platform provides lenders automated business rules, logic, and stop loss provisions to mitigate risk and increase profits from construction lending.

An expertly digitized administration department eliminates many of the common headaches associated with construction lending.

Our draw management software is great for…

  • Comprehensive project & portfolio level reporting
  • Interactive user interface with easy dashboard management of key construction loan administration software functions.
  • Comprehensive third party management and demonstrable protection of data security.
  • Automated stop-loss provisions tailored to underwritten guidance
  • Enhancing triple bottom line initiatives with our paperless lending platform.
  • Full-fledged auditing across lending divisions.
  • Robust budget tracking of change orders, budget transfers, disbursements, etc.
  • Insurance compliance tracking
  • Maintenance of waiver records.
  • Draw management through our pay application module.

The Presidium Solutions platform gives you a robust tool to actively manage your construction lending division in a standardized environment that enforces accuracy, compliance, and efficiency.
The Presidium Platform fosters ownership of problems and solutions while reducing errors and increasing draw turnaround. Offer your team the best tool on the market to improve profitability, visibility, and sustainability within your administration department.

YOUR Lending Practiced, Digitized:

Do you have a unique business need that requires a system built specifically to suit your lending practices? CodeFi offers a fully customizable version of the renowned Presidium Platform to ensure our product fits your brand of construction loan administration.

Our cloud based platform is perfect for boutique, niche, or multi-faceted lenders that rely on strict underwriting standards to achieve maximum loan performance. We start with our industry leading construction lending platform and customize the workflows, reports, data tables, etc. to ensure our solution moves in lock-step with your institution. Presidium Solutions is the best construction loan administration software management tool available thanks to its industry focused features such as:

  • Custom platform branding
  • Client driven naming conventions and custom alerts
  • Institution centered data fields and reporting
  • FI specific financial data
  • Customized checklists and digitized polices
  • Seamless integration capability
  • Ad hoc reporting with automated delivery systems
  • Comprehensive construction document management

Our platform is the most cutting edge loan management software on the market. If you are seeking to maximize your lending division’s returns our platform offers you the chance to simplify your workflow while increasing your efficiency.


CodeFi offers consulting services across all real estate verticals and is relied upon by key stakeholders for our expertise in construction lending, portfolio structure, technology integration, etc. Our consulting clients enjoy facetime with some of the industry’s top professionals who have developed industry best practices through years of experience in the space. Our consultants leverage their knowledge base to increase value for our clients large and small, our team will work with you to implement solutions, technology or otherwise, that lead to smarter business outcomes. CodeFi consultants are relied upon thanks to our industry insider expertise such as:

  • Third Party Risk Assessments
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Cost Estimating
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • General Contracting
  • Subcontracting
  • Due Diligence
  • Hosted Manage Service
  • Digital Engagements
  • eAdoption Strategies
  • Data Transformation​
  • ePresentment & Print Solutions
  • ePayment
  • Mobile Services

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If you are interested in investing in our platform or learning more about how our construction loan administration software platform can empower profitability in your lending division feel free to reach out to our team to discuss any question our concerns through our online contract form or direct phone number 877-868-9009. We look forward to hearing from you.