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CodeFi Solutions offers flexibility in product selection through the operation of a common mature core system. All aspects of the Presidium line of products are built upon a configurable platform which allows flexibility, while ensuring controls that are applicable to the institution. Our custom construction finance platform greatly increases efficiency and productivity in all elements of the lending process.

We routinely replace multiple fragmented systems with a single solution across the institution. The Presidium Solution readily replaces:

  • Revolving Lines of Credit Spreadsheets
  • Acquisition and Development Systems
  • Borrowing Base Software
  • Construction Inspection Software
  • Construction Inspection Mobile Applications
  • Residential Inspection Software
  • Complex Reporting Systems
  • Construction Management Systems
  • Insurance Management Spreadsheets
  • Waiver Management Systems

Regardless of the size of the institution, our scalable construction loan administration system delivers a solid return on your investment and a reduction of risk. Our bank consulting team can assist your institution increase workflow and develop efficient processes.

Why CodeFi

Modern day construction loan administration is not feasible without CodeFi Solutions. Our platform is customizable to the likes of any financial institution. With such features as loan reporting, interactive user dashboards, third party management, automated budget pages, insurance document tracking, audit trail capabilities, waiver record management, and pay application modules, there is no better way to automate and redefine your construction loan administration process than joining the CodeFi Solutions broad network of clients.

CodeFi Solutions is a key financial application within one of the nation’s top three banks and beyond. No matter the size of the financial institution, our customizable easy to use platform will rid any lethargic practices and increase efficiency.

Reduce Credit Losses Increase Interest Income

Think of the time and money expended to manage the collateral associated with construction loans. How much more productive could your administration team be if the common roadblocks to funding were removed by technology? Instead of spending afternoons tracking insurances or collecting waivers your team can fund faster and focus on deal flow.

Our construction loan administration platform is built to do just that. Imagine being freed from mundane job functions that bog down your potential and more importantly your profit. Our intelligent automation tracks documents, insurances, invoices, funding, etc. in a single place freeing you to be a banker or a builder instead of a gatekeeper.

Systematic Solutions To Systematic Issues

To book a construction loan is to assume risk. Even the most sophisticated underwriting cannot account for all unknown unknowns.

Rather than ignore these risks or worse yet avoid potentially profitable deals over them lenders are turning to technology. At CodeFi Solutions, our sole focus is the testing, development, and deployment of just such a tool to avoid or eliminate common risks as:


Despite lenders’ best efforts, more often than not, inaccurate draw requests are incumbent to the construction finance ecosystem. Whether it is an errant keystroke or a more nefarious attempt to front end load a project, over funded draws are insidious to a successful loan.

With our platform, lenders have the power to track changes to the project’s capital structure and monitor cash outflows in real time. Gone are the days of depleted contingencies 30% of the way through a project. With our construction finance solutions, you can see issues before they arise and proactively take steps to mitigate potentially liquidity crises on overfunded and under built projects.

Poor Efficiency

Even while accounting for roughly 4% of US GDP in any given year, construction is often chastised by consulting types for its lack of efficiency and apparent dismissal of the afront to its existence that is technology. Hackneyed though they may be these industry analyses point to real issues facing construction finance operations.

We challenge that narrative and offer lenders and contractors alike a solution that would pacify even the most stalwart detractors. Whether its use of secure file exchange module, smart budgets, or tailored workflows we empower project stakeholders to achieve maximum efficiency.

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Our construction loan administration system and construction finance solutions is an end to end customizable solution with full integration capabilities to keep institutional efficiencies and policies.

If you are interested in CodeFi Solutions then use our online contact form and we will gladly give you more information from there.


Presidium 360

Presidium 360 is a real estate loan administration software application that delivers an all-inclusive platform for the management of:

  • Commercial Loans
  • Residential Loans
  • Revolving Lines of Credit

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Presidium Enterprise

Presidium Enterprise allows your institution to utilize the scalable architecture and enhanced functionality of P360 through:

  • Customization
  • Integration
  • Branding

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Cloud-based construction loan administration software that streamlines your loan management process.

CodeFi’s comprehensive software solutions deliver industry-leading operational practices that reduce lending risks associated with the project management of residential and commercial construction portfolios. Our solutions are powered by Presidium Solutions, our proven core system for over a decade.

  • Full Portfolio Visibility
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Institutional Standardization
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Corporate Governance Tools
  • Acquisition Analytics
  • Mobile Applications

In addition to CodeFi’s presence in the financial industry, our technology supports a variety of other industries. Municipalities, Healthcare Institutions, REITs, National Chains, and many more segments involved with construction benefit from the controls and reporting CodeFi’s custom solutions offer.

Construction Loan Administration


CodeFi Solutions delivers integrated financial technology solutions to meet the new
demands of construction loan servicing.

”Our departments have been able to streamline workflows and through the efficiencies realized we are able to increase our capacity without needing additional resources.”

— PM / Loan Administration Solutions