Construction lending has grown a lot in the last several decades. Technology has helped excel construction lending into the current year, where the internet and cloud-based technology have made it easier than ever for teams to communicate.

Before the internet, construction firms and lenders primarily communicated through email, which resulted in miscommunication, delayed funding, and other issues. Nowadays, these issues have become less common, especially with the advent of cloud-based lending technology.

CodeFi has become an industry leader in the construction lending industry due to our effective, modern platform. We invite lenders and borrowers to try our software to find out for themselves what CodeFi has to offer.

Meet CodeFi

Since our inception, CodeFi has worked diligently to create a solution for construction lenders. We wanted to create an application that met the demands of our clients while providing subcontractors and contractors with the necessary tools for project development.

After years of development and communication with our clients, we have helped bring CodeFi to even more clients than before. CodeFi now proudly supports lenders, developers, contractors, borrowers, and more on our cloud-based platform.

We understand how important it is for all aspects of a project to communicate, so we have created innovative tools that improve transparency and reduce risk. As lenders ourselves, we understand how important it is to ensure accurate communication between all parties involved in a project.

The CodeFi Difference

CodeFi is one of the only platforms that assist many people on a construction project.

While many platforms only serve lenders and borrowers, CodeFi helps keep contractors, developers, inspectors, and more onboard. This process allows all members of a construction team to get involved, giving them a secure location to store files, order inspections, and start the draw process.

CodeFi’s cloud-based platform allows teams to connect in ways they have never experienced before. Our application can provide a myriad of services to construction crews, allowing them to focus on their work while CodeFi handles the drawing process.

The CodeFi Team

We created our solutions for contractors from our team’s collective experiences in the construction and lending industries.

Our Roots

As construction lenders ourselves, we understand contractors’ needs for their projects, and we want to help achieve them. We’ve been in the real estate and construction business for decades.

Our expert innovation and attention to detail helped our team thrive during the real estate collapse in 2008.

We believe that any team can thrive with the right tools, leading to CodeFi, an innovative platform that modernizes the construction lending process.

Our Focus

Our team believes that lenders and contractors deserve to have modern equipment to meet modern needs, which has led us to innovate on existing methods to create an unmatched user experience.

Since its inception, CodeFi has helped many construction lenders achieve their goals while seamlessly organizing information and allowing teams to collaborate with ease.

Our platform allows for innovation, customization, and ease of access, giving clients a modern alternative to traditional construction lending software. With CodeFi, our clients have access to the tools they need to ensure every product goes as planned.

Why CodeFi?

With many tools at a contractor’s disposal, CodeFi serves as an innovative way for contractors to do business. Whether a contractor wants to work on a project, monitor progress, or order an inspection, CodeFi provides them with all the tools they need to complete their work.

CodeFi makes construction lending simple- construction firms can use it right out of the box.

The platform is easy to set up and customize, giving teams opportunities to add custom branding to the user interface. This addition gives CodeFi the brand recognition contractors need when utilizing construction lending software.

Our software makes checking in with other contractors easier, giving them various tools to streamline the draw process and manage expectations. Since CodeFi began with lenders in mind, it is efficient and lightweight, allowing lenders to get their projects done quickly.

Want to Learn More?

Try CodeFi’s innovative platform for yourself! Ask our team about a demo today.

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