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Borrow With The Best

We know how critical the success of your construction project is. CodeFi provides a loan borrower experience that is unmatched.

A draw process you want to go through

CodeFi supercharges the construction loan draw process by giving loan borrowers control. Submit draws, view project information, request inspection, and communicate with your lender on our borrower portal designed with you in mind.

Time Is Money

Enjoy the fastest draw turnaround in the industry.

Own The Inspection Process

We understand how significant it is for you to be involved in every step of the process. Order an inspection with the click of a button and monitor in real time.

Visibility Is Key

We want your take! Check in on your project and dictate expectations.

“The platform makes it so easy to order a draw and check in with my lender. Not to mention codefi’s support team is always so friendly.”
— single family residential borrower