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Technology Solutions to Meet the New Demands of Construction Loan Servicing.

With broader and deeper capabilities than any other company, CodeFi Solutions brings decades of industry expertise in delivering scalable, secure, and cost-effective financial technology solutions. We are the premier solution provider in construction loan software for banks, and customizable construction management software. If you are looking for more information then visit our contact page or fill out our contact form.

Our Core Construction Loan Software Solutions

Our construction loan software for administration & management is available out-of-the-box or customized with our existing products 10 times faster and for only 10% of the cost of industry standard.​

Presidium 360

Presidium 360 is a real estate loan administration software application that delivers an all-inclusive platform for the management of:

  • Commercial Loans
  • Residential Loans
  • Revolving Lines of Credit

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Presidium Enterprise

Presidium Enterprise allows your institution to utilize the scalable architecture and enhanced functionality of P360 through:

  • Customization
  • Integration
  • Branding

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$84B of Construction Loans Managed Securely

per month using CodeFi Solutions

Why CodeFi Solutions?

Our construction loan administration and management solutions are developed by experienced industry professionals that understand the most critical challenges and risk associated with construction lending.  The scalable architecture and enhanced functionality of our solutions provide our clients with operational efficiencies, a new level of risk management and cost improvements. For more information about us visit our LinkedIn page.


We currently provide solutions which manage billions of dollars in real estate and handle millions of transactions every month. Our platform is proven and stable.


Our core solution is subject to annual PCI Level 1 Compliance Audits, SSAE 16 SOC1 Type II Certifications, and annual HIPAA Audits. We maintain audit trails through configuration and during the use of our systems in Production.


Our staff will guide your team through the configuration process, track requirements and work flows, and help determine a solution that is applicable to your requirements.

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“The business and technical team members that they bring to the partnership have proven that CodeFi not only understands the technical side of software applications but their industry understanding of real estate lending and loan operations helped to reduce our implementation costs and ensured we met our goals and deadlines``


“Our contacts wrapped their arms around our Bank and learned exactly how our loans worked to ensure the product they were providing met our needs!”



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