Construction Lending Simplified

A radically simple construction loan software platform developed by construction lending insiders to increase liquidity, efficiency, and profitability.

Building Construction

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Over $100 billion dollars in assets processed through Codefi monthly.

Building Construction

Construction Lending is Complex

Our technology can help

CodeFi’s construction loan software platform gives lenders unparalleled portfolio insights while supercharging their loan administration process. Our lenders enjoy quicker draw processing and less stress.

Take charge of your loans with Codefi

A Master Class On Efficiency

Case Study

Read how Codefi’s construction loan software platform helped a lender go from a regional player to a national heavyweight in just a few years.

Building Construction

A Simpler Lending Cycle

Developed in consideration of the real-world challenges construction lenders face, Codefi’s construction loan software platform streamlines loan processing from origination to permanent financing.

“The business and technical team members that they bring to the partnership have proven that codefi not only understands the technical side of software applications but their industry understanding of real estate lending and loan operations helped to reduce our implementation costs and ensured we met our goals and deadlines”
— group vice president